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MOTHER'S MILK TEA – Organic Herbal Tea

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MOTHER'S MILK TEA – Organic Herbal Tea

This natural tea is specifically formulated to naturally support the fabulous Mums!


☕ Chamomile

A beautiful and gentle plant long used as a household beverage that also has very powerful medicinal virtues. Chamomile demonstrates to us that gentle does not mean less effective. It has been used for nervous stress.

It assists in calming the body and mind of baby and mother, soothes irritations, and promotes healthy digestion.

☕ Catnip

Catnip is a garden mint that is calming and restorative both to the mind and digestive tract. A classic first aid herb for tummy complaints for both mom and baby it’s also an ingredient in Gripe Water. It has a gentle relaxing effect and has been found to reduce colic in babies through breast milk. 

☕ Fennel Seeds

Fennel assists with appetite and digestion for mom and baby, calms stomach and intestines, assists breast milk production, and stops gas. Aromatic herbs such as fennel have also been traditionally used to improve milk supply.

☕ Lavender

 Lavender has be found to help with anxiety and with sleep promotion.

▶▶H E R B A L ● T E A ● D E T A I L S

▶Ingredients: Chamomile, Catnip, Fennel, Lavender
▶Net Weight: 3.5 oz (100g)
▶ Flavor: Female
▶Material Feature: GMO-Free, Organic

>>>> Herbal Tea with Organic Ingredients to support the fabulous Mums <<<<<

Take the Mother's Milk Organic Tea Formula, your daily dose of wellness and support!


Our tea combines incredible tastings, perfect packaging, and high-quality tea – perfect for gift giving or personal use. Great gift!


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