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The Adrenal Support Gift Set

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Give Someone You Love The Gift Of Feeling Better

The Adrenal Support Gift Set

Contains 3 of our most popular teas at the reduced price of €35 (the teas sold separately would total €45)

The collection specifically curated for adrenal and thyroid support includes:

The daily pick me up

Adrenal & Thyroid Support Tea

This organic herbal tea has been specifically blended to naturally support women who feel burned out and exhausted. It incorporates the use of adaptogen herbs which have been found to nourish and support:


Eleuthero has been found to help with stress reduction, performance, energy enhancement and repair. Eleuthero is commonly used for immune support.


Maca has been found to help with vitality, provide some deep nourishment, help with low libido and hormone imbalances.  It is believed to help with anxiety and act as a mood booster.


Lemongrass has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties.


Licorice can support a high reduction in oxidative stress. Licorice should not be over-consumed by people with blood pressure problems.

The Sugar Craving Buster:

Ashwagandha & Cinnamon

Cinnamon Sugar cravings along with carbohydrate and caffeine cravings are a fact of life when you are exhausted. However, this can wreak havoc on blood sugar levels which in turn leads to even more exhaustion and fatigue. Cinnamon can really help with sugar cravings because of its naturally sweet taste, and because it is also of itself believed to help regulate blood sugar.

Ashwagandha is particularly nourishing and supportive to your whole system.

The Nutrient Powerhouse

Hibiscus & Nettle


Hibiscus tea is rich in powerful antioxidants including vitamin C, may lower blood pressure, boost liver health and promote weight loss. It also looks and tastes delicious!


Nettle is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is high in calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, chlorophyll, chromium, cobalt, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, sulphur, protein, manganese, selenium, vitamins C, D, K and B complex, and carotenes.