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The Aphrodisiac Body Oil

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The Aphrodisiacs Body Oil



Rose has a rich, sweet floral aroma, and a big presence. It’s a middle-base note.

Emotional Support Qualities
Emotional healing
Restores trust
Inspires appreciation

Rose is excellent for skin care, and even very sensitive skin tends to love Rose. It offers healthy and radiant skin tone, and supports the healing of irritation.

If skin becomes red or overheated, Rose can help it feel cool and calm again. It’s good at reducing inflammation, and can even be helpful for sore muscles and body aches. You can use a body oil with Rose to calm pain in muscles and joints.

Rose otto is precious (it takes approximately 30–50 roses to distill one drop of essential oil) and luckily one drop goes a long way. It’s easy to love this essential oil, as it has so much to offer and inspires such positive emotions.


Jasmine absolute has an enchanting, almost “intoxicating” aroma—it’s rich, heavy, and has a powerful presence in any Aromatherapy blend it’s included in. It’s a popular choice for natural perfumes, and smells especially beautiful with Sandalwood, Myrrh, or Sweet Orange.

Like most florals, Jasmine is excellent for skin care. It’s supportive in skin care routines, and can offer soothing effects when skin is irritated or needs special attention.

Its comfort is more than “skin deep,” as it can also ease sore muscles and relieve pain. Jasmine can be used to relax tension, spasms, and cramps. A muscle massage oil made with Jasmine in vanilla-infused jojoba can feel so good after a long day, especially if you’re going to bed right after using it—Jasmine’s comforting, heavy aroma can help lull you to sleep.


Sandalwood has a woody, sweet, warm, musky aroma. It’s a base note.

Emotional Support Qualities
Inner peace and stillness

Sandalwood has a very soothing effect, and simply smelling this oil can inspire a deep sense of peace.

A great way to calm down with Sandalwood is by blending it into a topical recipe. Sandalwood offers support and protection to skin. It’s excellent at reducing inflammation and irritation, and at creating relaxation throughout the body. It can also soothe aches and pains. Try Sandalwood in a muscle massage or an achy joint salve.

One way Sandalwood stands out is for the support it offers sore throats. It has an ability to reduce infection, soothe inflammation, and ease pain when it’s applied to the neck in a little jojoba.

Ylang ylang

Ylang Ylang has a rich, strong, sweet, floral aroma. This is a deep floral note that may remind you of blossoms hanging heavy on their stems on a hot summer day. It’s a middle-base note.

Emotional Support Qualities
Calms overthinking

Ylang Ylang essential oil may make you want to stay in bed all day. It’s deeply relaxing!

If you like using essential oils to help yourself get to sleep, Ylang Ylang is a good choice. It can inspire calm in just about any situation.

Ylang Ylang can help you feel peaceful, calm and motivated.

Just as Ylang Ylang can help your mind and emotions relax, it does the same for muscles. If you ever feel tired but can’t sleep because your body is too “keyed up” and full of tension, Ylang Ylang can help. You can make a muscle massage oil with Ylang Ylang and think of it as “liquid relaxation.”

Ylang Ylang offers a lot of support to skin. It soothes irritation and other issues that “stress” your skin, such as itching or very dry patches.


Sweet Orange’s aroma is bright, warm, radiant and fresh. It smells like ripe oranges in the sun. It’s a top note.

Emotional Support Qualities
Reassuring and comforting

Sweet Orange is an easy essential oil to love. It has a fruity, sunny presence that brightens up any blend it’s included in.

Sore muscles in general tend to relax around Sweet Orange, whether it’s applied topically or inhaled. It can also help calm inflammation.

Sweet Orange is supportive of overall comfort and health. It can help you feel optimistic and keep your immunity up if you’re traveling or going through a stressful time.