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The Aphrodisiac Diffuser Oil

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The Aphrodisiacs Diffuser Oil


Neroli’s aroma is radiant, rich and floral with delightful hints of citrus. It’s a middle note.

Emotional Support Qualities include that it is:


Neroli has been popular in natural perfumes for much of its history, and this remains one of the most common uses for it today. Its beautiful aroma is perfect all by itself in jojoba, and it blends well with other oils.

Like many floral essential oils used in natural perfumes, Neroli is supportive of skin. It can keep skin comfortable and help you feel calm and happy throughout the day. (Neroli has a relaxing, uplifting effect.)

Neroli can also ease sore muscles. It inspires relaxation and helps the body release tension.

This is a relaxing, restorative oil that can inspire a sense of quiet joy. You can use it throughout the day, or save it for bedtime when you want to calm down your nervous system and get some quality rest.


Patchouli’s aroma is deep, earthy, and complex, with rich sweet notes. It’s a base note.

Emotional Support Qualities
Calms overthinking

Patchouli’s ability to calm things down is helpful for relieving stress, too. This essential oil is famous for its peaceful, feel-good presence. Patchouli can offer your nervous system a sense of deep peace and comfort.

Patchouli helps inspire ease and relief.

Patchouli can help you stay centered and relaxed, it will help you feel comforted.

Ylang ylang

Ylang Ylang has a rich, strong, sweet, floral aroma. This is a deep floral note that may remind you of blossoms hanging heavy on their stems on a hot summer day. It’s a middle-base note.

Emotional Support Qualities
Calms overthinking

Ylang Ylang essential oil may make you want to stay in bed all day. It’s deeply relaxing!

If you like using essential oils to help yourself get to sleep, Ylang Ylang is a good choice. It can inspire calm in just about any situation.

Ylang Ylang can help you feel peaceful, calm and motivated.

Just as Ylang Ylang can help your mind and emotions relax, it does the same for muscles. If you ever feel tired but can’t sleep because your body is too “keyed up” and full of tension, Ylang Ylang can help. You can make a muscle massage oil with Ylang Ylang and think of it as “liquid relaxation.”

Ylang Ylang offers a lot of support to skin. It soothes irritation and other issues that “stress” your skin, such as itching or very dry patches.