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The Aphrodisiac Elixir Oil

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The Aphrodisiacs Elixir Oil



Vetiver’s aroma is deep, earthy, and sweet. It serves as a rich base note in Aromatherapy blends.

Emotional Support Qualities

Vetiver essential oil has a grounding presence, helping you feel comforted and connected with your self—happy to be right where you are.

Vetiver offers deep support to skin and can calm irritation.

Vetiver's deeply relaxing aroma is famous for calming the nervous system and helping people settle in for sleep. You can also use it to stay relaxed and it can be a supportive companion if you’re going through a stressful time.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is a “spicy” essential oil. Black Pepper smells woody, and fresh. It has a dry quality that may remind you of crisp leaves in the autumn. It’s a middle note.
Black Pepper is great at “getting things moving.” It encourages circulation and movement.

Rose Otto

Rose has a rich, sweet floral aroma, and a big presence. It’s a middle-base note.

Emotional Support Qualities
Emotional healing
Restores trust
Inspires appreciation

Rose is excellent for skin care, and even very sensitive skin tends to love Rose. It offers healthy and radiant skin tone, and supports the healing of irritation.

If skin becomes red or overheated, Rose can help it feel cool and calm again. It’s good at reducing inflammation, and can even be helpful for sore muscles and body aches. You can use a body oil with Rose to calm pain in muscles and joints.

Rose otto is precious (it takes approximately 30–50 roses to distill one drop of essential oil) and luckily one drop goes a long way. It’s easy to love this essential oil, as it has so much to offer and inspires such positive emotions.